Monday, January 19, 2015

Costume Design for Cinderella Prt. 1

I wanted to do a post to show a bit of my costume design portfolio work :)
By creating this costume design portfolio I wanted to choose a simple story to show my thought process, the tons of research that goes into any costume design and of-course storytelling. 

I choose my simple story to be my own version of Cinderella, and I wanted to have it taking place in a "fantastical" world, a mix of medieval and renaissance periods combined. I took the liberty to take aspects from these eras and make it special to each individual character based on the story, and I mainly focused on Cinderella, the prince, and the evil stepmother. 

NOTE: I do not own any of the photographs, these were used purely for inspiration and research, below each image will show their original source.

 This is the version of the medieval/renaissance Cinderella in peasant form. I wanted to create a simple working outfit made up of two simple elements: a simple DE-constructed apron (shown in my technical drawing above) and a peasant chemise, this is pretty true to the period but she still looks beautiful and appealing to be a lead character. Her skin is much darker in comparison to the evil stepmother, from working in the fields. The apron is made up of several panels in which Cinderella could tuck in part of it to her cloth belt in case it gets hotter working in the fields, this adds interest to her simple outfit but it's also functional. Her chemise is quite simple, yet it has some intricate tonal embroidery at the hem of her linen chemise. Part of the story telling, I wanted to put Cinderella working in the fields of a lavender farm, owned by the evil stepmother (this will play a part in Cinderella's transformation gown for the big ball.)

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Anonymous said...

It makes sense that her skin would be darker from all the sun she is getting. Something interesting to ponder.