Sunday, May 11, 2014

Being a Barbie Designer

   It's been a long WHILE, but I wanted to add a recent article the spanish news "El Pais" came out with. An article on me working at mattel as a Barbie doll designer, truly a dream job. I'm pretty excited and honored I was given a chance to be part of such an amazing opportunity. I wanted to share some pictures we took at Mattel. It's such a great and fun job, challenging, of course, but I get to work with some amazing talented people, and it's truly rewarding to be able to be part of such an inspiring legacy as Barbie.

The fashionable guy on some of the pics is my fabulous friend and talented colleague Carlyle Nuera. I'm lucky enough to be on the Barbie Design Team with him, he's an OH-mazing Barbie and Ken doll designer.

"Los Angeles, Jan 1 (IANS/EFE) When Neysa Bové migrated from Spain to the US, she was a little girl with three Barbies in her suitcase -- today, as a professional fashion designer, she creates new wardrobes for the classic doll.
"I design Barbies in evening dress so she looks elegant, as if she is going to a party, and others in one-piece bathing suits," Bové said.

The designer creates her elegant, stylish Barbie clothing in El Segundo city in California.

"I work in the Average Barbies department, where we create clothes fit for a normal person, which is different from our Fantasy department, where they dress up Barbies like sirens, fairies and other imaginary characters," the 27-year-old designer said.

Bové, the youngest of three children of a couple from Barcelona, who in 1996 won the US Visa Lottery and migrated to Phoenix, Arizona, said creativity and design are familiar subjects.

"I started drawing from the time I could walk, because my father, Quim Bove, is a contemporary painter," the stylist said.

Bové studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, in Los Angeles till 2007 and took some classes at the California Institute of the Arts, where she attended classes with her sister Lorelay, who currently works in the visual development at Disney.


                                                        Please check out both stories:


Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I read the interview in the newspaper 'El Pais'. Very interesting. My dream would be to design clothes for Barbie. I like the actual clothing, such as the one we are wearing. Congratulations about your collaborate with Mattel. Keep in touch

Natalie Suarez said...

incredible!! congrats! seems like such a fun job x

Natalie Off Duty

lorelay bove said...

super bien! Olé con mi hermanica!

Ceciliette said...

You have every little girls dream!!!! Or at least mine hahahand Im not even a girly girl but i would love to be designin for Barbie some cool outfits ;) hahaha
Enjoy your/our dream.